ALBUM REVIEW: Daisyhead – In Case You Missed It

Daisyhead released their second full length album In Case You Missed it last Friday via No Sleep Records and after having a good 6 days to let it sink in, I can happily say that the album is an emo classic, that is destined to take the Tennessee band to the top. It’s an album that was born at a time of rebirth for the band, off the back of various member changes and a near break up, their rollercoaster of a journey is evident in each and every second of this record. You’re in the right place if you’re looking for an impeccable collection of heartfelt emo anthems.

The record kicks off with Hold The Door, a Game of Thrones reference perhaps? The track is a heavy hitting, reverb heavy track that opens slowly and builds up constantly to a climactic frenzy of shoegaze-esque guitars. Elements of the grit from the band’s previous releases still exist but are pushed aside slightly, in favour of a more polished, pristine sound that the band pull off effortlessly. It is obvious from the opening chord that the band are cut from the most luxurious of fabrics. The longing to turn back time shines through on the chorus as frontman repeatedly belts out: “Take a step back and rewind”.

The record is jam packed with gritty riffs and enthralling vocals, and it’s exactly that which makes the band so special. Catchy hooks are all over the shop, perfect for those passionate crowd sing alongs, especially so on the titular track.  The band nod their caps to bands such as Balance & Composure and Citizen throughout, with their aggressive chord progressions and pain fuelled lyricism.

My personal album highlight, Ready For The World, is a tear wrenching song, likewise to some Blink-182 records that we all had a good cry to back in the day.  “Why can’t I go first? Where would you go without me?” mumbles frontman Michael Roe with his powerful voice and gentle yet angst ridden strums of his acoustic guitar. This is definitely one of those magical songs where the crowd all put their lighters in the air and sway their arms in silence as they watch in awe whilst fighting back the tears.

When Daisyhead lay down their massive guitars, no band really comes close to them right now. ‘Bodies’ and ‘TV Song’ are both absolutely huge tunes, reminiscent of their heavier early material.

I can’t help but keep thinking of Balance & Composure when listening to this record, and that’s not at all a bad thing. Daisyhead uphold the same emotional angst accompanied by extremely powerful instrumentation and lyrics that you want to scream for all to hear. In Case You Missed It is a whirlwind of paranoia and insecurity and I must say it’s far from a light listen. If you are a young adult, overflowing with angst, this one’s for you and trust me, it’s worth every second. The emotion is vamped up as the record progresses alongside the strength of the melodies.

The guitars carry the record for the most part, but the drums take to centre stage on ‘Never Know’ as they build up the tension to power the chorus that one step further. Daisyhead have always been introspective and as honest as can be, and this sophomore record doesn’t journey to far from that path, in fact it takes it to the next level. The band really wear there hearts on their sleeves on ‘Don’t Feel Bad’ and ‘Dark Circus’ – two of my favourite tracks the band have ever released. There is a joyful ambience with Daisyhead, that particularly prevails on ‘Dark Circus’, that juxtaposes with the emo yells and vigorous chord progressions, coming very close to Hyperview era Title Fight sound. The band show inklings of their shoegaze capability throughout the album, with reverb heavy guitar work and heavy yet graceful instrumentation. Exciting indications of what is next for the band!

Within the emo genre it is easy to sound just like your counterparts, but the sheer delicacy and authentic moments on this album place Daisyhead at the top of the table. The pinnacle of the band are their massive hooks, that run circles around your mind for days on end with the furious blend of guitars and drums that tear your ears to shreds in the best possible way. Each and every song acquires a perfect balance of light and dark, one never outshines the other.

In Case You Missed it is, for me, one of the best emo releases since Moose Blood’s I’ll Keep You In Mind, From Time To Time, and one that will stick with me for years to come. It’s sentimental right from the get-go, while also being an endearing escape . At first listen, the record wasn’t quite the instant classic that their debut LP was, but it grows on me more and more each day. I hope you like it just as much as I do.


Be sure to listen to the album now here.

Words by Ben Davies.


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