The Jackobins release brand new single “Nightfire”

The Jackobins are a Liverpool based four-piece alternative indie rock band first formed in 2014. Last year the band was put under the spotlight with popular radio stations such as BBC 6 and Radio X making their single “Hasty” track of the week, along with this success they’ve headlined and sold out venues across the UK and played in the some of the UK’s most popular festivals, including Reading and Leeds and Sound City.

The band have recently come forward with their synth soaked 80’s vibe track “Nightfire” full of infectious riffs and hard hitting vocals.

Their sophisticated sound along with smooth vocals from frontman Dominic Bassnett create a fantastic alternative indie track, it’s dark themes create a conflicting atmosphere between the lyrics and the instruments, which adds a whole other layer to the track.

While the solo may feel a little repetitive, the rest of the track is very consistent in its changes, while managing well to not fragment the song. The best part of the song for me was the bridge just before the solo which really showed Bassnett’s progression in his vocal skill, ending the bridge with an echoing high note.

“Nightfire” is an intriguing, euphoric indie rock song, with subtle influences from Kasabian and The Stone Roses throughout the track along with other classic rock bands from the 90’s. They’re use of synthesisers create a night time atmosphere to the track which can be synonymous with its dark party like theme. Along with this, the artwork for the track also has this conflicting theme with its blue and red/pink tones.

Catch them on tour:

Words by Sam Harris.


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