Milk Teeth share enthralling first effort from their upcoming Be Nice EP:

Gloucestershire punks, Milk Teeth, dropped their ferocious new single last night as Radio 1’s Rockest record and today they released it’s accompanied music video with the announcement of a new EP. The band also told social media that they had officially signed to Roadrunner Records, which the EP will be released through on July 28. The EP is up for pre-order on 12″ vinyl with an exclusive t-shirt at now !!! Must feel nice being label mates with Slipknot…

Speaking to Upset Magazine about their new label, Becky said: “It’s huge. Absolutely huge. When the offer came in, all that was going through my head was ‘we could be on the same label as Slipknot’. I started listening to them in year 6. If you told ten year old me that a decade and a bit later, I’d be on the same label as them, I’d have told you to fuck off!”

The track is called ‘Owning Your Okayness’, and is a straight punk banger with Green Day sounding chord progressions and pounding percussion, alongside the raspy vocals of Becky Blomfield. It’s amazing to see a band from my hometown making their way up to the top, their debut LP ‘Vile Child’ was easily one of the best records of the last five years with it’s chaotic blend of emo and pop punk.

“Ten shots of anxiety hurl through my veins, you’ve left me questioning everything, and I feel I’m to blame”

Becky Blomfield has always been extremely open about her experiences with mental health and the band have never shyed from bringing awareness to the ever-growing travesty, and this new single is the pinnacle. The new single is a feel good and infectiously catchy track, that talks about the ups and downs of being in love and personifies all the kinds of different emotions that one in love may feel.

After repeated listens to this track, which I feel is some of the band’s best work by the way, I have undertaken a strong sense that this EP will make Milk teeth the superstars that they’ve always deserved to be. Be sure to listen to the track, you’d be stupid not to!

Milk Teeth play all three dates of Slam Dunk Festival at the end of the month, a UK Tour soon would Be Nice guys, ay??

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