Interview with The Blinders @ Camden Assembly

Justly touted to be one of the best new bands in 2017. Their genre-defying music is best described as grungy riffs meets gloomy psychedelia with clear post-punk influences. Off the back of a busy start to the year with the release of their latest single ‘Ramona Flowers’, a headline tour with This Feeling and support for Cabbage and The View. I got a chance to catch up with these boys at Camden Assembly.


Do you want to start by introducing yourselves?

T: I’m Thomas, I play guitar and sing, in the Blinders.

C: I’m Charlie, I play bass in the Blinders.

M: I’m Matt and I hit things with sticks.

How did The Blinders come about?

C: Through school really, we sort of knew each other through school and then we started the band just after we went to sixth form.

T: Yeah, it just went from there. Took it to Manchester didn’t we.

M: We all moved to Manchester for uni but it was a bit of an excuse to stay together.

T: We love each other too much.

Where did the name come from?

T: An Englishman, an Irishman and a Scotsman…literally it’s so shallow, Peaky Blinders. That was it. Not because we watched the show extensively and were like super fans, it’s just a cool name. But it’s taken on a bit more meaning since then with people coming up to us and saying ‘is this why you’re called The Blinders?’ and we’re like no but that’ll do.

M: Got a few fan conspiracies.

C: Invented by ourselves. 

How would you describe your music?

T: Say it…

C: ‘Punkadelic’

T: There we go. We’re working with the coolest dude in the world, Tim Abbott, former Creation Records and when we first sent him a record he said ‘yeah I love it, punkadelic’ and it just stuck.

What do you think has influenced your music? Is there anything people wouldn’t expect you to listen to?

C: Just a range of things really. There’s so many, you’ve got Nirvana, that kind of Bad Seeds vibe but then there’s like The Beatles and –

M: The Scissor Sisters.

T: Best band in the world, [sings] ‘take your mama out all night’

M: Avril Lavigne yeah, all sorts.

You’ve been on tour pretty much non-stop. Where’s you’re favourite place to play?

M: Brighton I think.

T: Yeah, Brighton or Camden.

C: London’s been pretty good to us to be fair. I think from playing up North so much that coming down south every now and then has been a bit refreshing. Leicester was pretty good.

T: Leicester was amazing! That was a bit surprising as well.

M: Yeah people had said to us that it’s a tough nut to crack and not to expect too many people but it was amazing.

What would be the dream gig?

T: Glastonbury.

C: The dream gig’s got to be headlining glasto hasn’t it.

T: You can’t say that though cause every fucking band does but it’s true, it’s so, so true. It is the epitome of a career in music isn’t it. If you can walk on that stage and people like worship you, fucking hell.

M: I’d like to sell out a venue in a foreign country, that’s what I’d like to do, that’s when you know you’re doing well. Wales and Scotland don’t count.

T: A few friends of ours have a metal core band called While She Sleeps and they always say that the best crowds they get are like Brazilians and Germans and Japanese especially.

What plans do you have for the year?

T: We’ve got some sleeping to do, we got some music coming out.

C: We release a single towards July, that kind of time.

M: Like mid festival season.

T: There might be a very special date in July then an EP in about Autumn.

 Are there any other up and coming bands that you’d like to recommend?

M: Avalanche Party

T: they are one of the best up and coming bands. In terms of like going down the same route as us and saying what needs to be said though, Strange Bones. They’re from Blackpool and they go on stage with Balaclavas. 


You can catch The Blinders over the summer at The Great Escape, Camden Rocks, Isle of Wight, Cotton Clouds, TRNSMT and Reading just to name a few. There really is no excuse to miss this band and I’d try to get in there before they’re playing the bigger stages.

Words by Kalisha Quinlan.

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