Introducing SUGARHOUSE


I recently had the pleasure of catching up with SUGARHOUSE, aka the lovely duo Connie Craven and Charlie Sinclair.

With over 1K views on their video for ‘Love Anyone Else’ and selling out of tapes within 3 days, these guys have a bright future ahead of them. Currently enjoying the American way of life, I managed to speak to them about their music and upcoming plans.

This London based two-piece may well only be in their early stages of producing music, however, positive responses seem to foreshadow the guaranteed huge success.


LIH: So firstly, why the name SUGARHOUSE?

Connie went to college on Sugarhouse Lane in East London. It marks a time where both of us began to find our feet as people and artists.


LIH: Would you say your debut track ‘Love Anyone Else’ represents the sound of you guys?

Absolutely. It was the perfect first release for us as it sums up what we want to continue to create. It’s simple and open but it’s not empty.


LIH: As you are London based, are there any venues you really want to play in London?

A big dream is to play Koko. It’s not the biggest venue in the world but there’s such a magic about it. We’ve both had some awesome nights there and the sound is always great, it’s just a perfect room to play in.


LIH: I saw that the first batch of cassette tapes sold out in three days! (amazing guys!!) How would you describe the response you are receiving?

A bit mental to be honest. It’s all baby steps but it’s steps we didn’t think we would be taking yet. We are just so happy that people love it. It’s easy to get bogged down and forget that music lovers exist out there when all you are talking to are producers, managers and people who analyse your every move. It’s such a relief to just be enjoyed.

LIH: Talk me through your piano led B side ‘Julie’- it seems to be incredibly personal.

Julie was written after two very close people to us passed away. First Charlie’s grandad and then the next day Connie’s aunt, Julie. Their different relationships had a lot of history, and this old fashioned romance that we grew up hearing songs about. We found it very inspiring. It’s a song about death, but we don’t want it to be negative or depressing. It’s about love at it’s core.


LIH: Are there any bands you would like to support?

We’d love to head out on the road with the guys from Anteros. If you see them, tell them to give us a call.


LIH: As a band, what do you aspire to be?

We are basically making music for ourselves when we were in 6th form. There seemed to be all this music around that just made us want to dance and have fun when we were younger, but where has it gone? Not every song that talks about something serious has to sound serious. Maybe we’ve got jaded, but we are just trying to bring back some light into the indie scene.


LIH: What music are you listening to at the minute?

Right now the new Harry Styles album is blasting out and it’s brilliant. I hope that it inspires a younger generation of people to start listening to the amazing artists that influenced this record. But as a whole Charlie is usually just bogged down in Ryan Adams and Connie is loving an old album called ‘Careless’ by Stephen Bishop – highly recommend you check it out.


LIH: What was the first song you learnt to play on your instruments?

Charlie learnt ‘Smoke On The Water’ on guitar… It took him so long to get it right, but it was a proud moment. Connie reckons ‘I’m Yours’ by Jason Mraz was the first track she ever played and it was on a ukele. We haven’t always been cool.


LIH: Plans for summer?

We are currently in Nashville exploring the deep fried south. It’s a wicked city and music is literally EVERYWHERE. Then we will be heading to LA to witness yet another American way of life. We basically want to absorb culture, have fun and write a load of songs.



I’am very excited about this band and you should be too!

Check them out:
Lauren x

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