Friday Finds: Six Feet Above and their new single “Bricks of a Few”

5-piece alternative rock band Six Feet Above are blessing our ears with the release of their new single “Bricks of a Few”

The Warminster based band has taken influences from 90’s Grunge, 80’s Thrash Metal, Hardcore American punk and just about everything in between to create this masterpiece of a tune, the band describes themselves as the “front runners of the new wave grunge scene” and we couldn’t agree more.

Firstly, the vocals. Frontman Tom Piner has delivered an excellent performance with his alt rock voice straight out of the 80s, setting the tone for a true rock n roll banger. The hard-hitting lyrics pokes a bit of light hearted fun at today’s society in Britain, which perfectly matches the cheeky riffs and adds to the mischievous atmosphere.

The instruments are all equally repetitive in their verse chorus verse formula with little change apart from the heavy bass riff and a presumptuous little solo slap bang in the middle the of the track, which is simply fantastic, it’s refreshing to see a track embracing being a little outside of the norm compared to other bands in the indie scene.

Overall, the themes are upbeat, the track is lively, the vocals are perfect, “Bricks of a Few” is a quirky little punk gem that’ll certainly stand out upon its release, and no doubt Six Feet Above will be gaining some well-deserved popularity and coverage.

Words by Sam Harris.

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