Darlia – Beam Me Up

I think we sometimes forget that artists are people..of course we don’t forget that they are actual people living on this Earth, but we forget that artists have feelings and that they express themselves within the music they write. We don’t listen to the music properly, it could be the heaviest song in the world and we would still carry on as if it was nothing. We are still set in our ways, we stereotype band members and artists to have perfect lives because they have money and a fanbase following.  Darlia’s Nathan Day posted a forward and moving message on Twitter a few days ago. His message was filled with emotion and of course, it’s hard to come out to the public and say that he suffers mentally but on the other hand he’s raising awareness for mental health too. He’s encouraging others to come forward if they suffer.

It amazes me how brutally open you can be in songs and not even wince when it gets put out into the world

‘Beam Me Up’ is gripping and cathartic, it’s a deep, powerful and imaginative and it sets a scene. The sound differs from their previous releases such as ‘Candyman’ and ‘Queen Of Hearts’, it swings away from their usual carnage creating. It’s a perfect way to set a different pathway in the genre they could go for. But in all honestly, the grittiness is the way I like it. It’s mild British Rock. While the vocals are strong.. not so much aggressive but he shows his passion and it’s almost a scream for help.

Darlia are going on tour, the dates are below:

September 30th @ Tenement Trail Festival – Glasgow

October 1st @ Academy 2 – Birmingham

October 2nd @ The Exchange – Bristol

October 3rd @ Scala – London

October 5th – Wardrobe – Leeds

October 6th @ Think Tank – Newcastle

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