Swedish Death Candy – Won’t Be Long


Described by frontman Louis Perry as a “messed up Beach Boys song”, the new single from Swedish Death Candy is an eclectic blend of heavy riffs and modern psychedelia.

‘Won’t Be Long’ is an amalgamation of 60’s psychedelia and contemporary garage rock that leaves you pumped and ready for more.

Hailing from Seoul, London and Bari, the diverse nature of the group means that a range of influences are blended together to create their unique sound.

Citing influences from Queens of the Stone Age to Black Sabbath, the diverse band have put themselves on the map with their brilliant new single.

‘Won’t Be Long’ offers you over three minutes of harmonised riff-heavy rock that packs a real punch.

To listen to the raucious new single from Swedish Death Candy, follow the link here.

The band’s only current UK date is at Bristol Psych Fest, on the 7th of July 2017.


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