SHAME: Cardiff 06/05/17

Shame created utter scenes of sweaty subliminal punk in the downstairs of Cardiff venue Clwb ifor Bach Saturday night.

For a band with only four songs to their Spotify name, their crowd was raving and ready to hear more. As lead singer Charlie climbed the walls, he bellowed out upcoming tracks of theirs like ‘Concrete’. It was received just as righteously as any other sharp tune you usually feel the need to crank up the radio for. Of course we got to hear abusive audio of Gold Hole and The Lick. as the cramming of the crowd increased with the intensity of their riotous set, Charlie began to lose his control too. He laid himself over the people of Cardiff whilst chanting their final tune and allowed them to raise him up to the low ceiling. Probably in appreciation of the subtle godlike coolness Charlie shows as a lead singer.

In continuation to the mouthy music which echoes that of many signature characteristics within the influential punk scene.

Truthfully, Shame left me almost speechless. In the best way possible. Well, until I HAD to try and describe them to every person I met. Truly a great, gritty revive into the upcoming of new bands and definitely ones to get caught up in this year, trust me.

Catch them at festivals this year such as on the Far Out stage in the midst of the magical festival of Green Man.


Also, check out Shame, here’s their most recent track, premiered on BBC Radio 1: Tasteless:

Would greatly appreciate if you checked out some of my photos:


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