Liam Gallagher returns to what possibly was his best solo performance

Tuesday night marked the return of Liam Gallagher. Releasing a mini tour last week it saw one of the most loved rock stars play a hometown gig at the o2 Ritz Manchester.

In an act of legendary all proceeds from the gig goes to the fund raising page supporting the victims of last week terrorist attack in the city of Manchester. Obviously it sold out in seconds.

One fan called Dylan sent us a fitting description on the night:

”Return of proper rock and roll. Simple as”.

“After what we’ve all been through it’s exactly what was needed. The fucking man is back and better than ever. Finally got the rock star that we deserve back in the game and it was FUCKING awesome”.

“Starting on Rock n Roll Star and ending on Live Forever and all the new choons sound class”.

Twitter (@UnclePat)

It was incredibly nostalgic to see Liam play some of Oasis best tunes. The crowd were amazing with Live Forever and non stop chants, even 15 minutes after the gig finished”.

“It brought the whole of Manchester together to celebrate the true Northern spirit”.

Twitter ( @policetapes )

“His voice was back to his best, raw rock’roll, new tracks had great energy to them, Live Forever – sung by Liam and crowd. No instruments on Live Forever, crowd singing ‘stand up for the 22’. Slide away, Rock n Roll star, Morning Glory, Do you know what I mean raised the roof. Ricky Hatton in the crowd”.

”Liam said he wanted to pick people up -My smile is as broad as the Valleys of Wales are wide”.

Twitter ( 2Simplewolf )

One thing that stood out was his voice. He sounded like a new man and a man who was on fire.

From what we gathered the rest of the tour will be epic and his slot at Reading & Leeds will be unforgettable. What we all can agree on that the gig was legendary.


  • London Electric Brixton – 1st June
  • Dublin – 10th June
  • Glasgow – Barrowland 11th june

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