Sisteray – 15 Minutes

15 Minutes, the glorious new EP from politically fuelled punk outfit, Sisteray, is exactly the sort of pick-me-up I needed on this bleak Wednesday evening.

Having just performed poorly in a university exam, the London based punk rockers gave me something to be positive about. I’d just found a great new band.

From the introductory track, ’00:03:08 Queen’s English’, I was immediately hooked to the in-your-face politically charged vocals and stomping drum beat; accompanied by guitar sounds reminiscent of 1990’s Oasis. It is British punk in its highest form.

Lyrics like “We’re fucked up, lets be realistic” and “I’ve got bills, but no one can pay” give a real insight into 21st century Conservative Britain. It’s a direct link back to Thatcher’s Britain, but with a modern twist.

The total anti-establishment attitude smashes through your headphones, as tracks like ’00:03:02 Famous for Nothing’ actually makes you feel something, it’s angry music, but the anger is directed in all the right places.

The southern twang of vocalist, Niall Rowan, only makes for a better record. Imagine early Libertines meets The Clash, with the added measure of raucious britpop guitar riffs.

It’s different, it’s out there, but, it’s utterly fantastic. It eats into your soul and I’m totally hooked. Never have I heard something so alike other bands yet so different at the same time, it’s mind confusing music that left me begging for more.

Sisteray play:

Camden Rocks on Saturday, June 3.

The Old Blue Last on Tuesday, June 6 and Friday, June 23.

Tunnel 267 on Sunday, October 1.

Tickets can be bought here.

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