Introducing The Varletts

The Varletts, a band who can make noise, create carnage and make quality Alternative-Rock music, that’s the only way I can describe the three-piece rockers from Nottingham. But, there’s something about them which I love, their passion and the grittiness of their songs. The Best combination. Also, if you’re a fan of The Cribs, King Gizzard and The Lizard Wizard  and The Wytches then you will love The Valetts, it’s simple.

After forming in 2016, they’ve released a collection of tracks from ‘A City of Sin’ to ‘Accused of Effeminacy’ and they hold poetic lyrics and  rapid riffs, just like the new songs they have released just a few days ago. ‘Spiral Staircase’ and B-Side ‘Mint and Marigold’.

“Spiral Staircase’ is loosely about my experience of depression and how easy it is to fall into a state of depression, I myself haven’t had it, but several members of my friends and family have been affected and I think there should always be more done to draw attention to mental health. Mint and Marigold was inspired by a book I was reading at the time ‘The Picture of Dorian Gray’ by Oscar Wilde, about the mistakes of youth, danger and attractions of nostalgia, debauchery and lust”. -Laurie 

Listen to the new tracks below:

We also had a quick Q&A with Laurie Rowland, member of the band.

What makes you click as a band?

Laurie: That’s a difficult one; I think our love of playing together. We’ve been playing music together for years in other bands and projects, and we’ve always had a good connection in that respect, and we just enjoy it; I think that’s the real key for clicking as a band, you’ve got to enjoy what you’re doing.

Things you like to do outside the band?

Laurie: Personally I’ve just into photography, especially shooting with film. But I’m a massive reader as well, it’s where I get a lot of inspiration for writing. Our track ‘Mint and Marigold’ is loosely based around Oscar Wilde’s ‘The Picture of Dorian Gray’.

What inspired you all to start playing?

Laurie: It’s different for all of us I think, for me I’ve always been influenced by bands like The Cribs which I think you can hear in some of our music, but it’s more their ethos that inspired me, that normal people with hard work and grit can make such an impact, but to actually start The Varletts we wanted to start taking our music a bit more seriously.

What are the future plans for the band?

Laurie: At the moment we’re working on some stuff behind the scenes. With the past two singles we experimented with our sound quite a lot, each track is quite different from each other. So we’re trying to nail our sound down with new tracks, whilst still withholding some of our experimental nature. But all of us are moving to Leeds in October too which is pretty exciting, so you’ll be seeing us around if you’re up there.

Many thanks to Laurie and also the band. Make sure to check them out as they’re going to be around for a long time. With new music in the pipeline we will definitely be keeping an eye on them.

Here is the brand new video for ‘Spiral Staircase’:



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