Galants – ‘Evergreen’


Dublin based post-punk purveyors, Galants, have released their new single ‘Evergreen’ on the Easy Action label.

Something for fans of Husker Du and R.E.M, the new-wave sounds mixed with modern day punk is a dreamy record, but left me a little sleepy.

An upbeat intro was reminiscent of early Kings of Leon, as weird as that sounds, but the rest of the record left me wanting a little more. Despite hints of 90’s grunge and modern punk, I was a little disappointed.

The vocals sounded great along with the electric sound of the punky guitars, but at times I felt that the words of frontman, David Kennedy, were undermined by the overawing loudness of the guitars.

It was a decent effort from a band that have been hyped for big things on the punk scene. However, I’ll be hoping for a little more in the future for the band to push through the radar.

You can listen to ‘Evergreen’ here.

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