Katie Mac – ‘Into The Wild’


Following an appearance at Brighton’s Great Escape and two performances at Sound City in Liverpool, Katie Mac has released her new single ‘Into The Wild’.

The Scouse songstress has written this number from a more introspective view, documenting her transition from full-time work to pursuing music properly.

It’s an upbeat and uplifting record that sees her channel some inner Cilla, as the roaring vocals and enchanting piano, guitars and drums takes you on an adventurous journey.

You can hear the passion in her voice throughout and it really is a great song to behold. The single was self-produced in Katie’s garage, and it really is a true DIY effort.

Nick Cave is a fan and she was hand picked by the Bad Seeds frontman to support Shilpa Ray, who is signed to Cave’s label, on tour.

You can listen to ‘Into The Wild’ here. 

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