Crimsons release debut EP- ‘Shy Talk’

So I’ve recently discovered the band Crimsons from Manchester through Instagram strangely enough and I’ve kinda fallen in love with them. They have the most amazing wardrobe choices which help them put together a unique persona that can reflect their music.

Crimsons is made up of :

Sam Cartwright- Vocals/Guitar
Lucas Berry- Bass
Adam Kenny- Drums

The band released their debut EP- ‘Shy Talk’ last month and it is deliciously dark. The first song off of the EP is ‘Shy Talk’. The song resembles the dark tones of another Mancunian band Joy Division as it begins with a dramatic introduction. Lead vocalist Cartwright feels as if he is emotionally emerged in the song despite its slightly repetitive lyrics, he portrays melancholic feelings. The guitar solo feels like it brings the song to life with its contrast in pitch. ‘Shy Talk’ is overall, a solid song with a nicely flowing rhythm.

The second track of the EP is ‘Before Again’ which has a more upbeat tempo and seems to be lead by drummer Kenny. The song has a groovy feel to it and makes me want to dance. Its lyrics still have a gloomy undertone but help add to the original melody that it has.

The next song is called ‘Night’s Darkest Side’ and is probably my favorite from this EP as I think it’s a very powerful song that can make me think a lot about the past. It’s intro vaguely reminds me of ‘Wunderkind’ by Blaenavon. The track progresses at the command of a high hat into a consistent beat along with a dreamy riff. The lead singer’s raw vocals are shown off beautifully throughout.  The song turns into a heavier feeling as it draws to a close along with leaving the song on a lingering note from the bass.

Lastly is ‘Born On A Different Day’ which instantly feels as if it has been influenced by Bowie and maybe even Foals with its funky high line.  The song has a nice use of effects which creates different layers to it along with its complex lyrics. The instruments appear to work together and compliment each other in making a great atmospheric rock song.

Overall, I really like this EP, I think it’s brilliant and it makes me very excited to be seeing Crimsons at Truck this year, I think they’ll put on a great show.

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