Pixx debut is a composition of happy-go-lucky and confused tracks executed with care and precision

Understated yet bold. Age of Anxiety is the elegant debut album tailor-made by 21 year old Chipstead born Hannah Rodgers. The name hiding under the people pleaser Pixx.

The album is a perfectly woven mix of electropop and folktronica, a unique blend hard to master in only 12 tracks. A debut boasting moments of magic, sprinkled with influences ranging from Bob Dylan to Grimes.

The title ‘Age of Anxiety’ is a reference to a phrase Rodgers found in a book her brother wrote and later gave to her. The personal attachment to the title doubles up as the title of W.H Auden’s final poem about a man trying to find his feet in a volatile world.

The title captures the lyrics and sound the album portrays down to a tee. An album concentrating on the feelings of being lost whilst also having the care free contrast of living life to the full during youthful days.

Opening track “I Bow Down” is frustrated yet wary, there’s an underlying anger forced by the driving drum beat. A track on the edge of explosion just about manages to maintain composure. It’s clear Pixx is bursting to showcase her well crafted debut.

Other album highlights include “Grip” where Grimes influences shine through to create a sun kissed electropop track destined for summer nights. Geared with a bouncy melody and an untroubled attitude to match “Grip” is the calming aftermath of “I Bow Down”.

Following further down the album is weighty hit  “Waterslide”. A catchy, bumpy beat disguises the lyrics of escapism and confinement. The jumbled array of sounds from bongo drum beats to roaring guitars symbolises the ever changing and chaotic world W.H Auden refers to in his poem, drawing a clever comparison to how Pixx feels trapped in the world.

The album takes a new direction in warped track “Baboo” and outspoken hit “Romance” hinting at a romantic twist to the album. The tracks go hand in hand putting a big emphasis on following your spirit a theme omnipresent throughout the album.

The album is a composition of happy-go-lucky and confused tracks executed with care and precision. A breathe easy and hazey sound is the impression on the surface, however once analysed the album has a much deeper meaning. Anxiety is a subject with a stigma that is ever being lessened, especially through creative expression. A compassionate album portraying and projecting how common it is to feel trapped and that it’s ok to not be in control of everything. An honest and endearing message from an artist who’s not only talented but acute. Age of Anxiety is a beautiful and expressive offering.

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