Getrz’s soft new single “what he said”

Getrz are an alternative soft rock indie band based in Swindon, building up and boosting their local scene with other popular rock bands such as Misfires.

Their new track “what he said” is soaked in reverb and edgy lyrics, (“does your dad know you smoke that much” and “does your mother know you drink a lot”) but we love it, their musical style is reminiscent of early Pale Waves before they signed to Dirty Hit, with an emphasis on reverb to form a drowsy atmosphere and a constant fast paced drum track to keep you in the loop.

The chorus is particularly lethargic, with sleep inducing timing and a hypnotising atmosphere as the lead chants “I don’t wanna know what he said”.
The vocals in the track are fantastic, really adding a depth to the song that would otherwise be missing in the music alone. The echoing effects working with the track (especially in the chorus) go together surprisingly well despite the contrast between the low-fi upbeat track and the melancholic lyrics, saying this, it doesn’t compare to many of the upcoming indie bands, so that’s something unique to Getrz.

The small hook separating two choruses gives an eerie tone to the rest of the track as a high-pitched guitar tone carries on through the rest of the song until ending on a chilling note, I thought it was quite refreshing to snap out of the trance the vocals have you in and see you out of the song on an exciting instrumental outro.
“what he said” is a conflicting song of summer vibes and downhearted lyrics, but if you’re a fan of atmospheric soft sounding low-fi tunes this will be a “play it so much until you hate it” track.
“What he said” is available on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube and Soundcloud.

Follow the band on their social media:

Instagram: @getrzband
Twitter: @getrzband
Facebook: @getrzband
YouTube: GETRZ
SoundCloud: getrzband

Words by Sam Harris.



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