BABEPUNCH set to release explosive single “control”

BABEPUNCH are a youthful, eccentric, electric and fiery mix of pop punk, grunge and pure fire, welcome to your new favourite band.

The Nottingham/ Derby based 5-piece band are getting ready to release their new single “control” later next month and we were lucky enough to have a sneak peek.

The track is filled to the brim with energy from start to finish, with harsh guitar tones and raw vocals that’ll have you headbanging by yourself in your room in no time. The outro is particularly thrilling as the lead screams “CONTROL!” over and over, however the unfortunate and disappointing end of the song will indefinitely leave you craving more BABEPUNCH.

The song itself is short and (not so) sweet with two verses back to back leading into the outro, each verse spiced up with an extremely varied vocal range which leads to an exciting mix of punk rock and grunge vibes throughout the song.

The vocals have an 80’s rock n roll style with a set of lively crescendos performed perfectly, listening to them along with the explosive percussion and fierce guitar effects make for a true alternative rock belter.

The riotous tune is packed full of fuzzy guitar riffs and head bopping percussion as you’re lead on a teenage fuelled masterpiece of a modern grunge banger. While the high energy is through the roof and the performance is ferocious the length of the track is a little disappointing as you’ll be stuck pressing repeat every 2 minutes to get your BABEPUNCH fix.

Along with the release of “Control” the band are also performing a launch show at Nottingham’s JT Soar on the same day of its release, in their words it’ll be full of “dancing, rock n roll and glitter”

“Control” will be available to listen to through most music platforms like Spotify, Soundcloud, YouTube, Apple Music and Itunes.

The track will also be available to pre-order on CD here –

Make sure you keep an eye on this band as they’re set to announce their second single and new tour dates later in the summer.

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Words by Sam Harris

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