HMS MORRIS are a highly artistic and experimental Welsh alternative pop band. Their music taps into the strange psychedelic scene emphasised in their trippy vocals and odd ball balance between Welsh folk music and art pop. Each song is an incredibly thought out masterpiece splattered with symbolism, hidden meanings, multi genre music and enthralling vocals.

Just from listening to their debut album “Interior Design” released in November last year it’s easy to see the band are discovering and delving into unknown areas of music, fully embracing a “multi-dimensional” sound.

Their latest track “Morbid Mind” explores the morbid curiosity in each and every one of us and how the effects of such a curiosity can lead to obsession, insanity and even death. If you’re new to the band you’ll find “Morbid Mind” to be freakish, intriguing and slightly creepy.

The music video that was recently released showcases a plethora of strange and disturbing imagery, along with psychotic close ups with a real sense of panic injected into the adrenaline fuelled vid.

A lot of the video is taken up with these grotesque black and white scenes of bugs, surgery, some satanic imagery, and other morbid things that make you hold your hands in front of your eyes while watching. Other scenes introduce the idea of embracing your morbid ideas (such as the therapist and the TV watcher joining in the mad dancing). The scenes become a bit more humorous towards the end and doesn’t really take itself seriously, this is pretty refreshing as it relieves you from the disturbing imagery and scenes you’re watching just seconds before.

Check out the amazing video and band here:


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