FEWS re-ignite the post-punk flame with new single ‘Metal’

Easily one of the best albums of last year was released by this band. Their exceptional debut record ‘MEANS’ featured some of the best tracks of the year, and in return, offered a live show which blew the minds of the audiences.

FEWS are now back again, after releasing the purely epic single ‘La Guardia’ earlier this year, the band have now released a second single entitled ‘Metal’ and it has not disappointed in the slightest.

The first drum beats that are played, they immediatly tell you that this will be a fast paced, and propulsive track. The three minute long track has got it all, a badass baseline which would rattle any of those from bands such as Interpol and Joy Division, Fred’s shadowy vocals come to life during this track and give off a distinctive, and unique style which can be compared to that of Ian Curtis, and Lias of Fat White Family. Its a noisy explosion of power, and post-punk attitude which culminates everything the band have learned from their previous releases.

Out of everything that has been released in the past few weeks from bands such as Arcade Fire, Ride, Queens of the Stone Age and even Foo Fighters, this is the song that has caught my eye. ITs a sound that seemed to be dying out, yet FEWS are reigniting the post-punk baton and are sprinting to yet another impeccable and flawless album.

You can listen to ‘Metal’ here:

Words by Piran Aston

Featured image taken by Jacob Winter

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