Turnover Continue their ‘Super Natural’ Progression With New Single

As the UK is thrust headfirst into summer with this past week of 30 degree days, I’ve been thinking about some of my favourite albums for the warm weather, and the unorthodox top of my list has to be Turnover’s second LP, Peripheral Vision. Something about that hazy, dreamy, masterpiece of an album takes me back to lazy summer days like nothing else does. With the release of the lead single ‘Super Natural’ from their upcoming third studio LP Good Nature, Turnover show that their musical progression is only going to go further and further, whilst continuing to encapsulate that summer feeling.

I feel it’s natural for me to be slightly apprehensive about any Turnover release since Peripheral Vision. Despite being blown away by the 7” release of Humblest Pleasures/ Change Irreversible, I was still worried that this new single may not live up to the incredibly high standard set by Peripheral Vision. The band’s sound progressed in a way that I was very happy with on the two track EP, but there was no guarantee that it was anything more than experimentation from the band, and not an evolution of their sound. Once again, Turnover have proved me wrong with “Super Natural”. They build on the sound of their second LP and Humblest Pleasures to create a slightly brighter sound, cutting back some of the haze of Peripheral Vision and instead creating a more summery, upbeat vibe.

The guitars lines in ‘Super Natural’ peak and trough, weaving their way through the track and giving it a dream-like quality, accented by the heavy beat of the bass drum as it gives you a rhythm to bob your head to. Austin Getz’ vocal delivery too is a little brighter and more upbeat than previously, as he describes falling in love with a woman after spending a week in California with her. Some lines are descriptive in very similar ways to Peripheral Vision, such as “Painting you a pretty shade/ Like you were a girl in a watercolour,” keeping true to the evocative, imagery-laden lyricism that I associate with Turnover.  They have built on slightly more of a dream pop sound with the vocal melody too, as it follows the guitar lines up and down. This all works to create a catchy, singalong chorus that’s very pleasing to the ear as Austin sings “I could try but I can’t explain/ How I do, I just know it/ Something super natural/ And I’m feeling super natural.”

After listening to ‘Super Natural’, the title now describes my expectations for Turnover’s upcoming album. The band have built on the fantastic foundations of Peripheral Vision and Humblest Pleasures, keeping many of the elements that made them ground-breaking, whilst changing their sound enough to keep the single fresh. If the brighter sound of ‘Super Natural’ is indicative of the rest of the album, Good Nature may end up being my perfect summer album.

Turnover’s third studio album Good Nature comes out 25/08 on Run For Cover Records, but for now you can listen to the lead single ‘Super Natural’ here:

Words by Josef Smith


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