Vultures unleash brand new single “Murder Ballad”

Vultures are Sheffield’s own 5-piece Gothic style rock band, taking influences straight out of The Velvet Underground and The Horrors to form their own gritty 80’s rock outfit.

Their new single “Murder Ballad” is a barrage of hypnotic bass lines and psychedelic riffs spread across fuzzy synthesizers and paints a clear world of weirdness.

Credit to Charlotte Patmore

“Our music was the product of listening to a lot of ’80s gothic music, says Nathan Keeble, of the band; “we wanted to curate thought-inducing music that you can also gyrate your hips to”.

The killer track is a cluster of fantastic 80’s gothic vocals from lead Luke Thompson splattered atop of metal hooks and harsh percussion, creating a fantastic rock n roll vibe. The atmosphere drenched song is also subject to moody lyrics and a mesmeric chorus.

Vultures are a confident, electric and buoyant new band on the scene, which is realised through their amazing track “Murder Ballad”.

Catch the band live at these dates:

June 9th: BBC Music Day (Acoustic session with BBC Radio Sheffield)

June 27th: The Lending Room, Leeds

June 30th: W/ The Strypes at PLUG, Sheffield

July 14th: JT Soar, Nottingham

July 22nd: Tramlines at PLUG, Sheffield (w/ Scruff Of The Neck)

July 23rd: Tramlines at The Great Gatsby, Sheffield (w/ English Rain Sheffield)

August 5th: Party In The Pines Festival, Scunthorpe

August 19th: English Rain Takeover Festival, The Washington, Sheffield

October 7th: Queens Social Club, Sheffield

Words by Sam Harris

(Credit to Duncan Stafford for cover photo)

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