An Interview with Indigo Husk

“My favourite drink to get wammied on hoolio is, double Gin and tonic.”

Joe Hamm (Lead Singer and Guitarist)

Joe Taylor (Drums and Singer)

Joe Mac (Bassist)

Flynn (Lead Guitar)

On Wednesday 21st June, Lauren McDermott and I caught up with Indigo Husk, after they had performed a sweaty and energetic support show for Declan McKenna at the Zephyr Lounge in Leamington Spa.

Jumping with energy, we moved the indie-rock enthusiasts outside the venue to get a closer and more intimate chat with them.

LIH: Who would you like to collaborate with?

Excited by the question Joe Hamm says “Ahh, we’ve never had that question before, sick question. Like a feature?” He ponders whilst looking at the rest of the band.

Joe (T): “I would like Julian Casablancas from The Strokes to help us out with some stuff and Ariana Grande

Joe (H): “Erm, mine would be Miya Folick, we met her at The Great Escape, she’s got a banging voice and she’s bare talented. Would be quite cool.”

Joe (M): “Herbie Hancock, why not? he’s great at everything, he could make it funky. That’s where this band should go I think.”

Flynn: “Erm, I reckon we’d do a banging song with Andrew Savage.”

LIH: What music would you say you’re all listening to now?

Joe (T): “If I’m honest, right now I am listening to a lot of pop music, a lot of mainstream pop music. I’ve been listening to a lot of the big solo female pop artists, just because I don’t know it and I like listening to stuff I don’t know that well. And rock music.”

Joe (T): “I’m not really listening to anything in particular, I listen to a bit of pop music as well. The last song I listened to was Black Lips by Modern Art. Oh and that new Arcade Fire tune Creature Comfort, and Everything Now. That is mad, like Abba.”

Joe (M): “Erm, what the fuck am I listening to? Just some bullshit. A lot of Herbie Hancock’s still. Thelonius Monk, he is my only hero! ‘Pet Sounds.’ “I listen to that constantly, best album ever made.”

Flynn: “In the dressing room, we were banging out that album ‘Behind Bars’ by Slick Rick. Very good album, very underrated.”

LIH: Did you guys grow up in a musical background? Did you all study music?

Joe (H): “That’s a funny question, funny you should ask, I was a chorister for a little bit. It was actually quite a big deal, I was a chorister at St Pauls.”

Joe (T): “Yeah I grew up in a very musical family, I am also currently in another band, other than this shit band…” The boys all laugh.

Joe continues, “I know yeah, beef, right?! The band is my mum, my cousin, my uncle, my brother and my best friend. We did a Festival in Oxford the other day which was cool. So yeah, I definitely am in a musical family, big up my family!”

Joe (M): “This is going to be so boring now, I am not from a musical family at all. My family hates music. I studied it, I had some great times at some music schools. Loved every minute of it.”

Flynn bluntly adds. “I’m not from a musical background and nor do I study music.”

Joe (H): Laughs and sarcastically adds “Leave it at that mate.”

LIH: What song do you remember the most from your childhood?

Flynn: “The only song I’d listen to for almost a year when I was a kid was ‘Summer of 69’ by Bryan Adams.”

Joe (T): “Well, I had a song that I was really frightened of, you know (begins to hum Show Me Love by Robin S.) That song like, freaked me out when I was a kid, I literally used to cry.”

Joe (H): “I swear that’s not even that old? like 2014.”

The boys all laugh and joke with each other as they continue to debate about when ‘Show Me Love’ was officially published.

Joe (M): “I don’t know, just shit in the car, you know what I mean. Cat Stevens, Simon and Garfunkel. People like that. Big up Cat Stevens.”

Joe (H): “Yeah, Simon and Garfunkel, Mark Bolon and Motorhead.”

Flynn: “I actually used to be well into Motorhead as a kid.”

Joe (M): “Can’t relate to that one.”

LIH: What’s your favourite alcoholic beverage?

Joe (H): “To get drunk on, or to drink?! My favourite lager is Moretti, from Italy. My favourite drink to get wammied on hoolio, on is double Gin and tonic, with a splash of elderflower and then we also have a drink that we’ve drunk together… It’s called Jesus juice, which is basically like a vodka boost.

Flynn: “It’s horrible but lovely, does the job.”

Joe (T): “I do like a Vodka, Fanta fruit twist.”

Flynn: “I decided that the best way to get drunk is to keep drinking the same thing the whole night, and so by that logic… anything.” He laughs. “A bottle of lager, repeatedly.”

Lastly, we wait for Joe Mac’s response. Before answering, the group all laugh and shout for him. “Gin and Orange juice.”

Joe (T): “Joe Mac once did a pint of 50% Gin and 50% orange juice and ended up on the floor; he died.”

Joe (M): “Yes, I died.”

LIH: Welcome back.

LIH: What is the weirdest thing a fan has ever said to you guys?

Joe (T): “I’m not sure, to be fair, we are only just starting to get people to notice who we are.”

Joe (M): “Yeah, we are alright, we get some quite nice fans.”

LIH: Yeah, you have a good fan base at the minute, and get quite a few comments on your posts. You are on the right track.

Joe (H): “They’re all very lovely people.”

Flynn: “Big up everyone who has ever drawn us.”

Joe (H): “Yeah, bare people draw us now, it’s bare cool. ”

Joe (T): “One girl, Georgina, from Leeds drew me and it’s really good. She actually made me look pretty good, which is pretty rare, but yeah big up Georgina.”

LIH: How did ‘Goes Around, Comes Around’ come about?

Joe (H): “I just write a melody, and then the vocals will usually be me singing to the melody. Like the first thing will be the guitar, and then the lyrics are just about being dishonest and if everyone was just honest things would just be bare easy. But that’s not to say that I don’t fall into that bracket of not being dishonest, because at the time was being a fine young scallywag.”

LIH: What’s the best gig you’ve played this year?

Joe (T): “The Ratboy tour was really fun.”

Joe (H): “They’re all good man. They’re all good in their own diverse ways.”

Joe (M): “Stoke was my favourite.”

Flynn: “Yeah, so in Stoke, we got to do a main support at Ratboy and the crowd were already pretty warmed up and it was packed and they just went wild for our first song. We also did our headline show at Camden assemble which sold-out and everybody had come and sold-out the venue to see us, which is sweet.”

LIH: What upcoming shows do you have?

“Truck Fest!” They all shout, excitedly.

Joe (T): “I think that might be it for this year.”

LIH: Where’s been your favourite venue to play at?

Joe (H): “I liked Leeds Belgrade Music Hall. That is a pretty venue.”

Flynn “Or Manchester Deaf Institute.”

LIH: And finally, in regard to your song Misbehave, what is the most mischievous thing you’ve ever done as a band?

Joe (M): “Oooh, we couldn’t possibly say.

Joe (T): “Erm, run through fields of wheat!”


Words: Laviea Thomas and Lauren Mcdermott

Photography: Lauren Mcdermott


Twitter: indigohusk















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