Only Cologne Release Their Debut Self Titled EP

Gloucestershire based 4 piece band Only Cologne have released their very first EP, inspired and influenced by a range of shoegaze and dream pop bands, Only Cologne site themselves as a band part of the shoegaze genre revival and this EP proves they have a bright future ahead of them.

‘Start…’ is the opening track to the EP consisting of four songs. It’s a short instrumental which sets out the basis for the rest of the tracks to come. The immediate wash of eerie guitars creates a full sounding track and the addition of drums mid way through the song amplifies and develops it, usually instrumental tracks have a tendency to be bland and fairly lacking however the band have cracked how to create a large sounding instrumental and this is the perfect opener to the EP.  ‘…Anew’ is a continuation of the opening track, starting immediately as the prior one ends. The deep, moody vocals run alongside the haunting, distorted guitar melody and strong drum fills.

Third track, ‘Hold’ has a drum heavy, atmospheric intro holding the same gloomy vibe which runs through all four tracks within this EP.  The dull vocals blend well with the rather messy climatic moment within the melody before the song fades similarly to how it begins, calm and chilling.

The final track ‘The Morning After’ is a slow, soothing track with an easy, relaxed vibe to it as the distorted vocal line runs smoothly alongside it. It’s the perfect ending to the EP with its steady pace and dark melody and fluid instrumentation.

Only Cologne’s debut EP is strong, very strong, placing them in a position where they have a bright future ahead of them. The production and mixing on this EP is perfect and they have displayed that their age and experience has not placed them at a disadvantage, they’ve created four tracks that exhibit they’re a band to look out for in the future and as the genre of shoegaze continues to expands, grow and evolve, Only Cologne are one of the upcoming bands to carry it well into the coming years.

The band have a gig lined up for Saturday the 8th of July, the EP tracks are certain to sound incredible live and it will be a very special night for all involved:


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