Indie-Pop newcomers SPINN release their fourth single ‘Notice Me’

After having a pretty exciting year so far, the Liverpool band make their return with their brand new single ‘Notice Me’. The Jangly Indie-Pop vibe that the fabulous four make it seriously infectious and this song can leave you singing for hours and hours on end. Following up from their recent singles ‘BLISS’, ‘Green Eyes’ and my personal favourite ‘Home’, this new tune seems to radiate fresh and upbeat vibes while the lyrics are full of ways to find attention in the real world and of course about love. It’s a song you can listen to whether you are happy or sad, it’s just one of them tunes which put you in a better mood. If you’re happy before listening to it, you’ll be even happier after. If you’re sad beforehand then you will definitely become happier – it’s refreshing. Never once does ‘Notice Me’ show threats of becoming heavy and it most certainly doesn’t show SPINN showing any weakness, because this is a good song for anyone to listen to. Even your 80 year old Nan could listen to this.

SPINN are laid back lads and their music is as equally as laid back as them and as they constantly deliver jangly tunes, your head won’t stop moving.


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