Truck Festival 2017 is presenting you with the best line up for NEW music this summer! Bringing to Oxfordshire some of the best emerging acts in the industry currently. The three-day festival brings to you a blend of chaotic rock riffs, whilst weaving in some of the most must-see indie, pop artists.

 With just under a week left until the Festival kicks off, we at Letithappenmusicblog would like to help you guys out with a few tips on the 10 top accessories to bring to Truck Festival:

1. Gin: Gin, Gin, and more Gin. Lots of it…
2. Brick Phone: We all want to take our current phones to take mega pictures for Instagram, but we also don’t want to be breaking them. Definitely recommend taking a small brick phone to contact your mates on.
3. Portable Charger: At Truck they have chargers available for a certain price, but bringing one with you will make your experience so much easier.
4. Blanket: It gets super cold when camping, bring your best duvet with you to keep you and your pals cosy as ever.
5. Fanny Pack: Yes, they aren’t necessarily the nicest looking accessories, but they are however, a practical one. Who wants to be wearing a ruck sack for just a few small important items? Such as your pot of glitter and bottle of Gin…
6. Glitter: Need I explain any more.
7. Lineup planner: Sign up for the lineup planner here : .  http://lineup.truckfestival.com/auth/login
8. Raincoat: It might schedule to be sunny, but knowing Britain it’ll probably rain.
9. Disposable camera: Sometimes iPhone snaps aren’t as fun as camera shots, go on and bring your Fuji polaroid along.
10. Wet Wipes: Being away from a decent bathroom for three days straight is everyone’s biggest nightmare. Wet wipes are THE best substitute.


See you there!


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