Bandicoot release their new single ‘Pongo’

Bandicoot, a band I’m not overly familiar with – never listened nor have I heard to them. The three-piece Indie Rock band from Swansea  have caught my eye (or ears) with their unusual sound. I may sound over enthusiastic you can decide but vocalist Rhys Underdown has a voice which sounds similar to Morrissey’s style of singing (I know no one can ever compare to him but you know what I mean). The track itself is a whirlwind of upbeat and bouncy riffs.

Their brand new single ‘Pongo’ is having its premiere right here with us and to celebrate the band are playing an intimate gig in their hometown of Swansea tonight. We have supported the band now for over 2 years and with every release they have been gaining support throughout South Wales and even America!!

‘Pongo’ is fun, upbeat and like always at every Bandicoot gig you will be bouncing around the venue.

Listen here:

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