Michael Gallagher’s Debut EP ‘House Music’

Hartlepool based singer/songwriter Michael Gallagher has released his promising debut EP, ‘House Music’.  Despite only being three tracks long, it displays Gallagher as an interesting, exciting artist who you’ll most definitely want to keep an eye on in the future!

‘Yesterday’ is a strong opener, the bright guitar riffs and bouncy drum fills combine with Michael’s rough, powerful vocals. It’s a loud track, full of grit and contains hints of punk, the distorted intro and poppy guitar melody and the semi sung, semi spoken word lyrics are reminiscent of Jamie T.  It’s a short yet sweet track at only 1 minute 58 seconds but it presents this EP perfectly and it influences and bleeds into the other songs flawlessly, the track sets out the rest of the EP and presents Gallagher as  a talented individual from the very first note.


’45’ is the complete opposite, lyrics about heartache are carried by an acoustic guitar melody. Gallagher’s song writing is exhibited throughout the verses and choruses revolving around upset and heartbreak. The track contains hints of the prior track with its lively drum and bass lines however he delves into a new territory with the overall acoustic, gentler sound.  The vocals aren’t perfect and are fairly rough in areas within this song, however, this builds texture and interest within the track and amplifies the punk, rough feeling running throughout the three tracks.

‘Hopeless Love’, a melancholy, retrospective song brings the EP to a close, leaving the listener emotionally touched by Gallagher’s moving lyrics surrounding the lack of hope, love and the struggles endured by those surrounding you. The song is stripped back and the vocals are left raw to emphasise the heartbreak and sadness that runs evidently throughout it. Mid way into the song, it builds with the addition of instruments, creating a thicker, fuller quality which creates a clever link to the two prior tracks which are crammed with high quality production and instruments.

This is a very strong EP from start to finish, it displays Gallagher as a clever, upcoming artist as he has proven in just three songs that he can cover all ground of the everyday singer- songwriter specification we all know within todays music industry. He is set to be big in the future and is a clear rising star with a bright future ahead of him.

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