Take a glimpse at We’re No Heroes latest single “youth”

With their intense and dark lyrical detail merged with pop style dance music, We’re No Heroes are a unique mixture of generic head bopping tunes clashing with meaningful lyrics and an atmospheric subtle funk influence among other genres, with an unmistakeable gravitas that distinguishes them from other bands on the scene, these bangers come from a now seven year old trio originally created in Chicago, however the group are from and based in Cardiff.

If you’re a fan of bands like Peace, RHCP, and Foals, you’ll love this band and their track “Youth”. With a chorus straight out of the pop charts blended with killer percussion and funk basslines and riffs, the track is a euphoric yet eerily atmospheric song with a vibe that’s difficult to put into words.

“Youth” will be released September 1st through Spiral Icon along with the announcement of a music video.



Listen to one of their other fantastic tracks, “stay weird”

Words by Sam Harris

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