Foals at Citadel, their best yet?

16th July saw arguably the best live band in the UK and one of the best on the planet perform an explosive set at Victoria Park, London. It was also one of two UK dates for 2017 with the other being down in Cornwall.

The setting for the night was perfect. Fans from all around the world gathered to witness a proper ‘rock’n’roll’ performance. The whole line up was on fire with American band Twin Peaks wowing their crowd to Bonobo blowing my mind.

Foals promised that their set would be filled with old school tracks and they did not disappoint. Opening with an eerie intro which saw Yannis play Mountain at My Gates at a slow pace before the rest of the band entered the stage and carried on playing with the crowd swaying side to side. Personal favourites included ‘Black Gold’ and ‘Electric Bloom’. I think I shed a tear when Yannis began to play his drum solo. ‘Heavy Water’ was another surprise and fitted perfectly within the set. Classics such as ‘My Number’ and ‘Inhaler caused the front section of the crowd to jump up and down and open pits as far as the eye can see. ‘Spanish Sahara’ was a spiritual level and being able to sit on shoulders made it the best moment of my life.

The encore included fans favourites ‘What Went Down’ in which Yannis crowd surfed and induced the crowd into a state of chaos. To end the night of course ‘Two Steps, Twice’ went out in style. Huge mosh pit side to side, topless bodies and a smoky atmosphere. The famous confetti cannons went off after the drop and covered the front section of the crowd in white and blue confetti. A band that definitely goes out in style.

From start to finish Foals proved once again they are the best band right now in the UK. Their next step is album 5 and a headline spot on Pyramid Stage at Glastonbury.

A section of the crowd however caused some problems by stealing phones and elbowing people in the mosh pits but that didn’t cause me any harm.

Foals once again triumph.


  • Mountain at My Gates
  • Snake Oil
  • Olympic Airways
  • My Number
  • Night Swimmers
  • Black Gold
  • Spanish Sahara
  • Red Socks Pugie
  • Heavy Water
  • Late Night
  • A Knife In the Ocean
  • Electric Bloom
  • Inhaler


  • What Went Down
  • Two Steps, Twice

Feature image courtesy of Citadel Festival Twitter.


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