We relive Glastonbury 2017

Glastonbury is special. It’s a sense of freedom. Starting off with The XX magical set, Black Honey forever growing stage presence and Blaenavon aka the next big band under Transgressive. We will be reliving a few sets we enjoyed from the festival.

We do love to be late on these things so we can recap on the best moments and get chance to get back to real life.

We also can’t forget the scenes on Pyramid Stage when our man, Jeremy Corbyn delivered a rallying call in front of more than 100,000 people. The crowds were definitely on his side and his message was broadcasted live on BBC for millions nationwide to see.

The XX took over the entire field. Their rhythmic anthems filled the space. Kicking off with Intro, then transitioning into Crystallised, brought the whole crowd to life. Harmonising together, Romy and Oliver led the crowd along to every song. Losing themselves in the music, melodic sounds of guitar played beautifully with the beats coming from Jamie XX. The whole crowd knew every lyric as they danced to the heavenly music flowing through the speakers. The Shelter remix ,lead by Jamie XX, added a phenomenal & unique touch to their performance. Completing their set with Angels, the audience fell into a mystic haze of The XX’s unique sound. They are ,without hesitation, a group that I would recommend anyone to see.

Black honeys set was a vibrant mix of indie wonders paired with spells of energetic riffs, while Izzy Bee (queen of 90s chic) perfectly guided the performance. The Brighton 4 piece opened with a fan favourite, Madonna, which caused the crowd inside the tent to awaken. Somebody Better was clearly a crowd favourite, as the rocketing power of the guitar flooded the air. Cadillac was soon played as the set neared its end. The stripped back version was a unique twist to the (already) melodic song.

Nevertheless, the tent was brought back to life with the ever so energetic Spinning Wheel. Izzy’s vocals echoed throughout the tent. Drawing a close to their set, Corrine was played. Being one of their most popular & well known songs, Corrine hit it off with the crowd. Leaving behind Chris & co, Izzy swung down off the stage. Resting on the barrier, Izzy hypnotised the masses. Bit by bit the song built up. Izzy returned to the stage, swung on her guitar and joined the rest of them for the final chorus of Corrine.

At the end the band came out to meet their beaming fans. This truly added a special touch to the end of their set.

Blaenavon’s rush of a set was crammed with powerful numbers. Most of which, besides Into The Night, came from their debut album That’s Your Lot. The Hampshire 3 piece commenced their set with Take Care. Throughout their set the band were buzzing with energy which chanelled into the audience. When they began playing the opening notes of Orthodox Man, the audience immediately joined in, singing along to every word. As the set progressed, you could see Ben’s nervousness slowly fade away. I Will Be The World was by far the most exhilarating song performed. As the tent was thrown into a whirlwind of guitar, Frank & Ben hurled all their energy into the frantic melodic riffs. Their set was sadly coming to an end. To close their Glastonbury set, Blaenavon finished with Prague. It was magical live. Bens pure voice filled the whole tent. Instrumentally, the performance was flawless. Overall, Blaenavon’s set was ,without a doubt, the highlight of Sunday at Glastonbury.

See you in 2019.

Words by Abi.

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