Parish are on their way to becoming a staple in the Cardiff music scene

Recently, I’ve been more impressed with what our local music has to offer rather than the larger gigs that have been held here. Last week was no exception.

Parish are a Cardiff based indie rock band and the band is made up of:

Sam Graham – Lead Vocals/Guitar
Rhys Shanahan – Lead Guitar
Ethan Evans – Drums
Dom O’Brien – Bass Guitar

Last Wednesday the band played a gig in the Buffalo. The venue is well hidden and if you’re not from around here then you will struggle to find it. It has the most amazing beer garden and upstairs (where the gigs are held) has a huge red lighted sign that says ‘what the funk’.

Having seen the band a few times now, it is nice to see how they’ve developed. They’ve definitely established and nailed their strokes-esque upbeat sound that when I saw them previously, wasn’t quite definitive.

Their set included a rendition of The Undertones ‘Teenage Kicks’ which had everyone in the room singing along to the well known hit. Parish then broke into their own song ‘If Only’ that clearly showed their garage rock influences.

They then went into The Strokes’s ‘Someday’ which was truly incredible and anyone would think that the band had written it on their own. It felt like the song came naturally to them. As their set continued, Parish played ‘Where Is My Mind?’ by Pixies which gave guitarist Rhys Shanahan the chance to show off his clean guitar skills. Whilst being a slower song on the set, it didn’t stop the crowd from dancing along and singing the words back to lead vocalist Sam Graham.

As the night drawed to a close, the band ended with ‘Nightlife’, an original song of theirs. It was the first song that I heard by the band and it’s so memorable for it’s infectious riff. The song gets stuck in my head for days after their gigs and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Parish are most definitely going to be appearing on the Cardiff music scene a lot more and I can’t wait to hear when their next gig will be.

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All photos are taken by Hani kata.

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