The Seamonsters Take Us To ‘Wonderland’ With New Single

Upcoming band The Seamonsters have undeniably risen quickly through the power of social media, using it to their advantage to collect over 3,000 followers across both their twitter and facebook pages. It was only around a year ago the band were busy honing their craft in a tiny room, coming to terms with creating a band, making demo tracks and perfecting song writing. In less than 12 months the six piece band consisting of, Ella Taylor, Naomi Mann, Lauren Smith, Holly Thompson, Tassie Drobinski and Ciara Hurding have earned spaces supporting major bands such as VANT, Misfires and TRASH on their recent tours. They’ve also earned a place on the longlist for the prestigious Glastonbury Emerging Talent Contest this year. The band continue to work tirelessly as they plan festival sets and headline shows in their home town of Sheffield.

The band are back with a follow up to their debut single ‘Lost (And Found). Wonderland is an upbeat, pop guitar track not too dissimilar from their launching track, much to the relief of their fan base who immediately took to the bands first major release with a mass of positive reactions.

The guitar intro is sharp and punchy and is quickly met with other instruments to create a full, cheerful sound. A fairly dark atmosphere is created within the track as the vocals cut in, the use of effect on the vocal line creates a certain amount of interest and puts them at the forefront of the track with the strong, bubble-gum sweet melody left to run underneath. The chorus acts as a climatic moment in the track and has an underlying sense of euphoria as lyrics depicting happiness surrounding the beginning of a relationship run alongside the fairly distorted melody. The break fits flawlessly and allows the instrumentalists to truly display and stretch their talents as they seamlessly create an interesting instrumental part to fit perfectly within the song, this creates an overall balanced track on the whole.

However, the lyrics hold back the track slightly, at moments it’s easy to feel they’re lacking the aggression you’d first expect to be partnered with a melody such as this. They’re also repetitive at moments and hold a sense of naivety but you have to give it to this talented, young band who are evidently still honing their craft and finding their space within the vast industry. They’ve certainly created a happy, catchy pop song which will definitely be one to watch out for during their live sets.

The Seamonsters are set to be a big thing of the future as they continue writing charming pop songs and planning gigs all across the country for their loyal, devoted and eager fan base who have nothing but love for this band!


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