BØRNS Returns With New Single ‘Faded Heart’

Garret Borns, otherwise known by his stage name BØRNS has returned with ‘Faded Heart’, his first single since the release of his well received debut album ‘Dopamine’ in 2015.

After a 2 year respite, Garrett Borns is back better than ever, the new track proving the time off served him well as he’s evidently honed his craft of creating large, sparkly pop tracks. ‘Faded Heart’ is a polished, pristine track which sets out a clear pathway for the upcoming era in his career. The track certainly does not disappoint, as the debut track from the brand new, as yet unnamed second album it offers BØRNS the chance to display new artistic development however he has proved to have not strayed too far away his original well known and much loved mixture of synth instruments with a sharp electric edge.

The track goes straight into the first verse, the lack of an intro quickly immersing you into the magical world Garrett creates both in his music and the visuals which go alongside. The lyrics depict a relationship and the events surrounding falling in love and having an underlying hope it doesn’t end up badly. In typical BØRNS fashion, the lyrics are embellished with the clever use of imagery and metaphors, his songwriting is clever and quirky, reminiscent to that of Bowie somewhat, one of his noted inspirations and heroes. The chorus is a big celebration, a euphoric moment within the carefree song in which the instruments crash into a gleeful melody, this is the perfect song for the summer time and follows similarly his prior releases in how they’re sickly sweet and smooth pop melodies with powerful, syrupy sweet lyrics.

The release of ‘Faded Heart’ proves that BØRNS is a force to be reckoned with, he is set to make a big storm in the industry as his highly anticipated sophomore album is believed to be set for release in early 2018 although an official announcement has yet to be made stating the future release date.

BØRNS is set to tour across the USA/UK/EU in October and November and they’re set to be very special shows as he and his band create an enigmatic atmosphere with their dulcet tones. He will no doubt play some old classics and debut some future tracks at these small, intimate venues.


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