Fat White Family take to iconic London venue The 100 Club for a one-off show as part of Fred Perry Subculture Live

After their huge headline show at Brixton Academy back in September, Fat White Family fans were treated to the opportunity to see the band back in one of London’s most intimate venues, holding a capacity of just 350. Situated at 100 Oxford Street, The 100 Club is iconic in the music world, which can be instantly spotted in the decor involving hundreds of framed photos from previous 100 club gigs, with major artists such as Oasis, The Rolling Stones and Bowie featuring.

Fat White gigs are typically sweaty, rough, and all round dirty, none of which failed to be achieved at this special show. The line up was slightly revised to the OG Fat Whites due to the leave of Saul Adamczewski, arguably the most well known member of the band; this was the first time most people would have seen the band without him and his presence was definitely missed on the stage. Fat White walked (more like scrambled, undoubtedly intoxicated) on stage and the crowd were sent into a frenzy, bearing in mind pretty much every person there had seen them live before, showcasing the band’s heavy influence and effect on its fans. From the first note of the opener ‘Tinfoil Deathstar’ from their latest album ‘Songs For Our Mothers’, the crowd were fully fuelled with energy and a crowd surfer instantly took to the skies.

The raucous maintained it’s strength throughout the set, particularly in ‘Auto Neutron’ from the band’s debut album ‘Champagne Holocaust’, when every single sweaty teen and slightly less sweaty adult chanted the lyrics back to frontman Lias Saoudi with such passion, like it was some form of worship, as he was throwing his limbs about too quickly to keep up with. After, my personal favourite ‘Touch the Leather’ absolutely popped off, once again the whole crowd screaming the lyrics at the top of their lungs in unison. Another highlight was ‘Garden of the Numb’ when the crowd attempted to sit down but were defeated by the lack of space in the tiny London basement. This nonetheless affected the absolute beauty of the 3 and a half minute track, when the typical rowdy vibe of a Fat White gig took a backseat and the crowd were in a state of pure appreciation for the music, the band and everything they stand for. Members of the crowd chucked beers and cigarettes at the band, which they joyously sipped and puffed away at as they still managed to play their instruments.

The gig was brought to a close with one of their best known songs ‘Bomb Disneyland’ which unleashed a whole new energy within the crowd and saw the most passionate, almost painful, rendition of the night. Finishing the set with no mercy and knocking various things on stage over, Fat White left the stage to the classic “One more song!” chant which, of course, they ignored and didn’t come back on. Although Lias did mention that this was probably the last time they’d play this set list, teasing at new music, so they can definitely be forgiven for not giving us an extra 4 minutes or so this time.
The clichés simply don’t do justice to how truly great this gig was, just to see Fat White Family back in a super confined space with a collection of their biggest fans.

Huge thanks to the Fred Perry Subculture team for having us.

Words by Georgia Essex and photography by Harvey Frost.

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