With indie rock becoming more and more popular as every festival season comes around, four new energetic faces have emerged from the coastal town of Southampton. Their first EP, ‘Avoiding Glances’, comprises of four indie anthems, echoing sounds similar to that of ‘The Magic Gang’, ‘The Night Café’ and ‘Viola Beach’.

The band is made up of Jay Harris (Vocals), Tyler Bloor (Lead Guitar), James Miller (Bass Guitar), and James Brealey (Drums). I got in touch with the guys to see if they were down to answer a few questions and they happily obliged, this is what they had to say:

When did you form the band?
Jay: James and I formed the band about a year and a half ago with a couple of mates, the original two that we started the band with ended up going to uni though, so James M and Tyler joined us. We’ve been playing together as we are now for just over a year now

Why do you produce the music you do?
Jay: We don’t have any particular formula or way we go about producing the music we do, I write the songs and bring them to the other guys to put in their parts. The most important aspect of our music for me is the melodies of our songs as well as the lyrics. We try to make the lead guitar parts as melodic as they can be and this is very important to our sound. With the lyrics, I like to just be as honest as I can really, I think that the more honesty there is in the song the more relatable it can be.

Who are your main inspirations to make the music that you do?
Tyler: My inspirations are guitarists such as John Frusciante, (Red Hot Chilli Peppers guitarist) and Johnny Marr(The smiths). The form of melodic guitar playing is what I base my playing on.

James Miller: I’m a big fan on Bruce Springsteen, I think he’s great! More current artists I look up to at the moment are bands like Circa Waves and The Magic Gang.

Jay: I listen to a lot of Bob Dylan; his lyrics are just incredible and he was one of the main reasons I started writing. I used to listen to a lot of The Wombats so they’ve been an inspiration as well as a lot of Jamie T’s early tracks.

Their first EP dropped early 2017 but I initially saw very little about. I was lucky enough to find it when the song ‘Avoiding Glances’ arrived on my Spotify discover weekly, which normally is a playlist I just put on in the background while busying myself with something else, (probably tweeting way too much or sleeping). However, on this occasion, I stopped what I was doing immediately to check who the artist was, went straight to their Spotify page, downloaded the EP and kept the band on repeat all night.

The song, ‘Avoiding Glances’, has a very upbeat guitar and drum melody, which intertwines perfectly with the vocals. Alongside a very upbeat tempo, the lyrics are very relatable, talking about a dysfunctional or new relationship, however in a very British fashion; ignoring the problem at hand and awkwardly carrying on trying to make to work.

One of the key selling points of this band is the lyrics, with every song they have released showcasing lyrics topical to the current world climate, or simply relatable song names. For example, the second song on the EP is titled, ‘Pissed on Prosecco’, which is especially relatable to myself, as I’ve spent one too many nights getting drunk by myself (I know, sad!).

Along with having some quality summer tunes on the EP, they also come across as genuine and down to earth lads who are producing music out of their common love for it.

The band recently announced a second EP dropping on August 4th, called ‘Young Hearts’. I personally am very excited to hear the new beats as I feel as they have so much potential and could definitely be the next big thing in the indie music scene.

With their upcoming EP, they’ve released an EP launching gig at The Joiners in Southampton; with tickets only costing a mere £4, so I would definitely suggest getting down there if you can for a night of quality live music.

The band have already performed a series of gigs and played the ‘Uncommon’ Stage at Southampton’s Common People festival, so this is 100% a band to watch out for in the next few months.

More gigs are hopefully on the way and new music is certainly coming this summer. I’m very excited to see where this band goes and hopefully they venture up the country so I can get to one of their gigs!

For sure give them listen and drop them a follow!
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Words by Tom Bufton.

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