Controversy stricken indie rock band Cabbage discuss misogyny, lad culture and the deceit of man through their new five track EP “The Extended Play of Cruelty”, a fantastic comeback after gruelling and potentially career ending sexual assault allegations were cleared.

Lead track “Celebration of a disease” is a rhythm heavy rock song full of fuzzy synths and eerie riffs with curious, intriguing lyrics from vocalist Lee Broadbent, with an atmosphere drenched chorus accompanied by fierce percussion and unique melodies.

On the other hand, “Fraudulent artist” is scarily similar to The Bangles “walk like an Egyptian” but with explosive vocals and aggressive percussion the 30 year old song can be seen at a new angle, whether this was intentional or not, it makes it the worst track on the EP.  “A Network Betrayal” has a very “laddish” sound to it, sang with a dirty accent and chock full of messy chords reminiscent of a The Streets track, the head bopping banger feels more like a beat poem accompanied with a track lacking a uniqueness, it’s a simple percussion heavy tune accompanied by a simple riff. The verses flow well, painting a picture of a broken Britain in a claustrophobic, dystopian light. The track feels dim, with an odd upbeat vibe.

Now my favourite track on this EP, is “Ertrinken”, a borderline creepy tune with an eerie set of riffs and questionable lyrics transitioning into a terrifying set of agonizing ghostly voices. “Asa Morley” is simply a hilarious song and perfect final track for a Cabbage EP, with exaggerated and gross vocals, fast paced percussion, and a strange theme of multiculturalism, the police, and tinder.

Overall, “The Extended Play of Cruelty” isn’t anything you wouldn’t expect from Cabbage, and in that respect isn’t that special, but the claustrophobic atmosphere blended with the unorthodox mix of themes gives an enjoyable listening experience, and I imagine “Asa Morley” will be a fantastic tune to hear at a Cabbage gig.

The EP will be available to buy on CD, cassette and 10″ Vinyl via Infectious on the 25th of August.

The band have a long list of festival dates, including Reading & Leeds and Festival No.6, along with a headline tour starting in late September looking to sell out.

Words by Sam Harris


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