Jessie Ware Shocks Fans With ‘Midnight’.

Jessie Ware has returned after a 3 year break with ‘Midnight’, the first single from her upcoming, long-awaited, third album. Known best for the hit singles ‘Say You Love Me’ and ‘Wildest Moments’, both released in a short duration of each other in 2014, fans are extremely eager to engage and soak up the brand new world Jessie has created through this brand new release.

‘Midnight’ is dark and hits hard from the very start with its soothing synthesised intro as Ware’s calming, mesmerising vocals float alongside the light melody. As the chorus builds, her vocals grow more powerful with the addition of backing singers who join in alongside Jessie to build texture and interest within the track. The chorus is moody yet the melody holds somewhat of an underlying sexy tone which builds throughout the song and culminates as her sharp, strong vocals cut into the chorus.

Jessie has no doubt been working on her vocals and has honed that craft as she does a number of glissandos across the vocals to embellish them and project the powerful lyrics further. The lyricism is clever and sparky, it discuses a romantic relationship and dissects it before the listener. Romance is a heavily used topic within music and it’s obvious it always has been, however ‘Midnight’s lyricism is almost dangerous, different to anything written by Jessie before, it signals the start of a new chapter in her career, a fresh journey in her life as a creative artist. It is moody yet engaging and Ware has made undeniably returned with a bang, reminding people that she remains a very key feature of current British electronic music, she exhibits that she can do it exceptionally well as however much she’s changed over the past 3 years, Ware presents that she can retain her sharp, sleek and iconic aesthetic everyone knows her for to the highest degree.



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