The War On Drugs Cruise Down the Highway of Success on New Single ‘Pain’

Philadelphia band The War On Drugs have shared another taster of their brand new album ‘A Deeper Understanding’ which will be released on August 25th. ‘Pain’ proves yet again, that the band are cruising down a highway to success.

The five and a half minute, blissful reverb-soaked track gives the daydreaming effect of cruising down a highway with a sunset stained sky beaming down on your back. Shades on, roof down, cigarette in hand. This glorious and euphoric impression is a feel that The War On Drugs optimise within their sound and it is apparent throughout this track.

The epic guitar solos, and the pounding melodic drum beats swirl in the wind.  Adam Granducial croons about abstract imagery over elegant and atmospheric guitar riffs which shine in the setting sun. “Yeah, I wanna find what can’t be found” begins the conclusion of the track with an epic and just stunning euphoric guitar riff that rings out for nearly two minutes.

The War On Drugs are proving to the world that they mean business yet again. ‘Lost In A Dream’ was one heck of an album, yet ‘A Deeper Understanding’ is the band unifying and sharpening the ideas of rolling coastlines and sun soaked skies. Prepare yourselves, as this could well be the best album of the year.

The War On Drugs are touring the UK in November, ticket information can be found on The War On Drugs official site: 

Words by Piran Aston

Featured image courtesy of NPR

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