Dead Pretties don’t need your ‘Confidence’, just listen for yourself

South London’s own Rock and Roll miscreants Dead Pretties might be amongst the newest members of London’s thriving DIY scene, but they’re certainly no strangers to getting their hands good and dirty. Procuring a stupidly fun, and equally ferocious live reputation, built off many an intimate performance on the London pub-venue circuit, Dead Pretties are one of the best British guitar bands we’ve seen in years, their sordid punk granting them nods from the likes of NME, DIY and Clash Music, and a cult following from keen-eared music fans across the country.

The three-piece, that’s Jacob Slater (guitar, vocals), Oscar Browne (bass) and Ben Firth (drums) have today announced their new single ‘Confidence’, available to listen to now on Soundcloud via Big Score Records, and soon to be available on all major streaming platforms. The song comes as the follow up to the band’s tremendous debut single, ‘Social Experiment’ and before the trio embark on their debut headline tour this autumn.

(Image courtesy of Hollie Shepherd)

 ‘Confidence’ tremors with reckless abandon and nervous energy – the bass-line spasms like a wounded animal, Slater spitting toxic vocal slurs, his eye trained vigilantly upon the front row. Grungy enough for you, eh? But behind the ungodly noise and demented on-stage antics lies some seriously potent songwriting talents…

“The public is being de-intellectualised by certain outlets of the western media” offers frontman Jacob Slater;  “…they know they have the power to shift the focus of the public eye. The worrying thing is because the general public on such a regular basis consumes it; people have become addicted to wanting to know more about the Kardashians of the World. That makes these people powerful role models.”

“I’m opposed to the idea that rattling like a near empty tin should be an example of how to live ones life. People are stupid enough as it is, don’t encourage them.” 

Tune in to Dead Pretties new single ‘Confidence’ below, and catch them live on their debut headline tour this September/October, full list of dates below.

Dead Pretties September/October 2017 UK Tour


28, The Castle, Manchester

29, Think Tank? Underground, Newcastle


1, Sneaky Pete’s, Edinburgh

3, Oporto, Leeds

4, Sunflower Lounge, Birmingham

5, The Cookie, Leicester

6, Sticky Mike’s Frog Bar, Brighton

7, Heartbreakers, Southampton

12, Boston Music Room, London

Words by Joe Bulger

Featured image courtesy of Sarah Louise Bennett for Dork Magazine

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