Minty fresh London based pop band Toothpaste have recently released their debut single “TV YEARS”, and it’s a dream pop fantasy.

With it’s drowsy atmosphere realised through reverb soaked dreamy guitars and spiralling synths, the strong themes and hazy tones are created by drifting vocals exploring the disconnect between people in this modern tech heavy world. Lead guitarist Amol described it as the sort of feeling that makes you want to stay away from the outside world, at home watching TV”

I especially like the band’s sense of balance between the lethargic, almost drowning atmosphere mixed with rhetorical lyrics “should I make you mine? should I kill my time?” The track is full of these self doubtful themes and it fits perfectly with the song.

“TV YEARS” is the perfect introduction to Toothpaste, offering up some real unique vibes, themes and perfect dental hygiene, distinguishing it from other popular bands on the scene, make sure to keep your eyes on this band as they’re sure to blow up into lo fi pop gods any minute now.

Words by Sam Harris

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