Neck Deep are at their very best with new track ‘In Bloom’

The North Wales outfit dropped the fourth and final single from their hotly anticipated third LP ‘The Peace and The Panic’ (which is out Friday, by the way) last night on the Radio 1 Rock Show. The track, ‘In Bloom’ (sadly, not a Nirvana cover but equally a banger) sees Neck Deep at their peak. I was a massive fan of Neck Deep when I was 14-15 and they were one of the first bands I caught live, however their last few albums didn’t really take my liking all that much. The four tracks that have been released thus far from the new album are slowly but surely rekindling my pop punk heart.

‘In Bloom’ is an extremely catchy track, with sun soaked instrumentation that brings to mind the transition Moose Blood underwent on their second record – a record that went on to soundtrack my summer last year. I have no doubt that this new Neck Deep album will be the same. The track is definitely Neck Deep at their absolute best, the band members themselves have said on social media that it is the best song they’ve ever released, and I have to agree.

Check out the music video above, it gives heavy The 1975 ‘Girls’ and Moose Blood ‘Honey’ vibes with it’s colourful pop aesthetic and playfulness.

The track is carried by hints of Blink-182 with an underbelly of heavy subject matter, frontman Ben Barlow has stated in several interviews that the majority of the lyrics on the album are fuelled by the death of both his and bassist Fil Thorpe’s fathers in the months before the album was recorded. ‘In Bloom’ is Neck Deep at their strongest both lyrically and instrumentally, with highlights such as “Stop calling me out, we’re never going to put the pieces back together if you won’t let me get better” and “stop digging it up or we’re never going to see it all in bloom”. Both lines, from the chorus, have been running circles around my head from my first listen.

If the singles that have been released so far are anything to go by, this record is going to take Neck Deep to a new level of heights as they take a few steps from their roots to engage in a spot of experimentation. I’d say The Peace and The Panic is going to be Neck deep at their most varied, really showcasing what they’ve got up their sleeves. There’s even a song on the track listing featuring Sam Carter of UK metalcore giants, Architects…

‘The Peace and the Panic is out THIS FRIDAY! Be sure to check it out and keep your eyes peeled for an album review.

Feel free to preorder the new album here.

Words by Ben Davies.

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