Blaenavon return with the 99th version of ‘Prague’ and more

This morning, Blaenavon returned with a new EP titled ‘Prague ’99’ as a follow-up to their critically acclaimed debut album ‘That’s Your Lot’ released in April this year.

First up on the EP is ‘Prague ’99’ that is the ‘Prague’ we all know and love but the “99th version of it” to quote Frank. The song is a Blaenavon classic and it would only be right that the song recieves even more attention than it already has.

Next up is “something cool” by the name of ‘The Monte Carlo Kid’. I must admit that this song took a few listens for me to get used to it. It is completely different to anything that Blaenavon have ever recorded before. I mean this in that it takes its influence not from the indie rock genres that have normally been appointed but instead oriental. ‘The Monte Carlo Kid’ still incorporates the band’s electric sound with the featuring feel-good rifts throughout the track.

Thirdly is ‘A Death In The Family’ which is an old song from the band that finally ours to listen til our hearts content. A beautiful song that really shows off lead singer Ben Gregory’s voice romantically. This version incorporates delicately haunting piano notes that really help the song to stand out.

Last but not least is emotional ’12’ that according to Ben is the “saddest song [he’ll] ever write in [his] life”. ’12’ feels like a very personal and intimate appology that we’ve been let in on and is heartbreaking, melancholic and full of regret for us to hear as fans and surely for the musician to have gone through also.

Listen to ‘Prague ’99’ here:

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