Estrons Unveil ‘Glasgow Kisses’, The First Half Of New Double A Side.

Welsh champions Estrons return with a bang as they release ‘Glasgow Kisses’, one half of their upcoming double A Side single, Glasgow Kisses/Cold Wash.

The track quickly bursts into power with a heavy intro lead by the raw, unembellished guitars and the strong, harsh drumline, it’s gritty and unpolished in the typical, unique style the band hold, it all adds up to create a perfect, anger freeing track with a certain charm.Tali’s powerful and fierce vocals cut in, adding fuel to the fire and intensifying the storm already generated by the intense melody. The vocals along with the harsh rock melody are unpolished and extremely rough, this creates an intensity within the track and amplifies the passion evident within the lyricism. Said to be a “nursery rhyme about adult life” the band cleverly depict the events that may take place as you grow out of adolescence and into older life, there’s a definite amount of relatability and honesty within Estrons writing as the events are presented, Estrons are champions of loud, proud, empowering and heated lyrics sound tracked to a raging, gritty melody. The chorus is the highpoint of the track as Tali’s voice grows bigger and bolder, small flicks of the guitar line play alongside her vocals, this builds the drama, tension and suspense leading up to a huge release of anger within the track as the band explode into raucous of loud melody and vocals mixed together at a perfect ratio.

Estrons are an extremely exciting, upcoming band who are highly commended within the Welsh music scene. Set to tour in September and October, the bands hard work is paying off as they travel the country to play both gigs and festivals to thousands of eager fans.

Find all tour dates and links to ticket sites on the bands website:

On September the 30th, Estrons will play HOYfest, it will no doubt be a show you don’t want to miss as they will play a series of new and old tracks alongside the brand new single, Glasgow Kisses.



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