Atlas Wynd and their new single “You’re On My Mind”

Welcome to the glorious sounds of Atlas Wynd, an explosive garage rock trio based in Brighton. There presence in the music scene has truly not gone unnoticed, playing slots at huge festivals like Great Escape and Y Not, along with regular appearances at Brightons own Green Door Store, their breezy summer rock blended with fuzzy punk influences establishes them as a unique name on the scene you should keep your eyes on.

Their deceptive summer track “Eyes Fixed On The Sun”, creates the illusion of a lighthearted summer soaked hit until the track faces a barrage of crashing cymbals and hard hitting guitar patterns, before hitting us again with an explosive punk solo, those final 20 seconds are like a fuzzy kick in the teeth and I love it.  

Their in your face, punk heavy single “You’re On My Mind”, released as part of a double A side, creates a youthful atmosphere filled with head rocking carefree bliss. The breakneck drum intro and sharp, detached vocals makes the track a banger to dance to, and with it’s organic, live sounding recording it’s sure to get your feet moving. Even without the fierce hook complete with it’s staccato vocals or it’s fuzzy diner rock solo, “You’re On My Mind” is an impressive track, distinguishing the band as a force of creative genius amongst the ocean of up and coming garage rock bands on the scene today.

Atlas Wynd are Peter Chapman, Harry Sotnick and newly acquired Sam Evans, and as a band barely out of their teens and with only a few high production releases, they’re dominating their own scene and already thrashing their competition all the while looking to make a solid impact on the industry, and while already sounding like seasoned professionals the band are surely on the way to success.

Words by Sam Harris


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