Babe Punch release chilling new single “Stanford”

Babe Punch are probably one of the most eccentric feminist grunge groups EVER, letting each members inspirations bleed into the electric atmosphere of their loud punk bangers really distinguishes them from other up and coming punk bands on the scene, this matched with their theme heavy ethos, which is especially relevant in their new single “Stanford”, will make them a band impossible to forget.

The 5 piece from Nottingham/Derby are still fairly young, with their earliest releases to date being their tracks “Snake Tongue” and “Fixation” Both mesmerising rock songs, with fuzzy guitars and smooth vocals, the fierce riffs and wild atmosphere only grew with the release of their 5 track EP “Control” released in October 2016. Their venomous sounds and ear piercing rackets blended with fierce angst make for an intriguing listen that’ll get your feet moving.

By Jessica-Rose Lena 

I remember reviewing their single “Control” earlier this year and instantly falling head over heels in love with the band, it topped everything they had previously released, bringing in some fine tuning to the feedback laden tunes we’d seen before to make the punk infused grunge banger, the vocals were explosive, and with blazing riffs and excited melodies the whole atmosphere felt like something you just had to dance to.

The band’s usual euphoric track style has been flipped upside down for their latest single “Stanford”. It’s an easy going track with slick riffs and subtle grunge melodies that makes way for the emphasis on the dark theme, from Babe Punch; “The inspiration for this song came from the Stanford rape case where an intoxicated woman who was unconscious was raped by a high achieving swimmer at Stanford university. This case was a perfect example of victim blaming in rape cases and the attempts to excuse such a horrific act” The gruesome nature of the inspiration is really realised through chilling vocals and frightening bass lines, the nerve inducing hook creates a paranoia fuelled atmosphere until the chorus hits you with loud guitars and huge, fuzzy vocals.

There really isn’t one moment where the track dips in quality, from hook to verse to chorus it’s consistent in it’s natural high calibre, the band has managed to experiment with it’s styles while still sticking to that savage grunge style that make Babe Punch so lovable. With these sorts of tracks I won’t be surprised when they start making a serious mark on the scene and kill the competition.

Words by Sam Harris

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