Introducing Lacuna Bloome


The other day I  hung out with both Niall and Sam from Brighton based band Lacuna Bloome in Camden. I had a chat with them about their newest release, Brighton and upcoming shows.

With catchy melodies and unforgettable uplifting choruses, the band are filled with teen fun and enthusiasm. Meeting with Niall (vocals) and Sam (guitar) gave an insight to their cheeky and happy group dynamic



LIH: What inspired you all to start a band?

Niall: Well we have been in one before and we just wanted to do it all over again I guess. Going to Brighton and having a fresh start, getting to know new people and yeah being in a band is probably one of the best things you can do. If you can then you might as well!

Sam: [laughs] Yeah basically we knew we all wanted to play and make songs and stuff. We thought being in Brighton would be a good place to be and start a band from


LIH: Yeah you guys are based in Brighton- describe it in 3 words

Niall: Quirky, fun

Sam: I can’t think, a little bit bizarre [laughs]

Niall: Fun, quirky and bizarre

Sam: Yeah that’s three


LIH: How did your new newest single ‘Only One’ come about? What inspired the idea for it?

Niall: It’s just about waiting for friends to reply to a text and that taking ages and getting annoyed about that

Sam: [laughs] yeah it can be anything you want really


LIH: In regards to your song ‘Only One’ what is the one thing you couldn’t live without?

Niall: My film camera I think, I’m going to stick with that

Sam: My guitar! Could I live without it? Probably not [laughs] I’m just going to go with my guitar


LIH: What are you most excited for when you play your upcoming London show?

Sam: Playing at the Camden Assembly! I’ve got a new fur coat so I’m probably going to wear that [laughs]


LIH: How did you find The Great Escape?

Niall: We were given a chance to enter a competition and we were one of six people picked to play the great escape

Sam: We just uploaded our demo, didn’t expect anything to come of it just thought well we may as well and yeah like three weeks before the festival, we got an email saying we were going to play it so it was very surprising [laughs] We were already signed up to volunteer and then we got the email so yeah we ended up doing both!

Niall: We don’t recommend it

Sam: Yeah it was an interesting experience to do both at the festival, definitely

Niall: Yes


LIH: What other shows have you got planned?

Sam: Apart from the London one, we have got a headline show coming up 18th October which will be fun. That’s Scruff of the Neck’s first monthly night in Brighton at The Prince Albert. We played there actually for the Great Escape, so we know the venue- really looking forward to it! It’s looking like it will sell out so that will be good


LIH: Who would you love to go on tour with?

Niall: U2

Sam: Definitely Wolf Alice! In a heartbeat- I want to be in their band [laughs]


LIH: What was the last song you listened to?

Sam: Oooh good question

Niall: I can’t even remember. Probably our song [both laugh]

Sam: I think mine was.. actually I can check my Spotify. It was Matilda by Alt J which has a lovely tune. Apparently it’s from a demo they did in their bedroom which made it onto the album. I think they recorded it themselves

Niall: Yeah that’s very cool

Sam: I don’t know how true that is but it’s interesting

Niall: Yeah mine was Only One [laughs] I only listen to our music you see [both laugh]

Sam: He says ironically and sarcastically [laughs]


LIH: And finally- how would you describe the sound of your music?

Niall: About just this new song or generally?


Niall: We don’t really sound like anyone or just one thing which is good. That’s what we think anyway! All our songs just divert, they are just a bit different and aren’t all the same

Sam: Yeah, that’s what we try to do, have the most diverse range of songs and then that way every is happy which keeps it interesting



If you haven’t already go check out their new single


You can also find these guys on Facebook, Twitter and SoundCloud

Thank you x

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