Wolf Alice stunning intimate gig in Tunbridge Wells

The lights dimmed as Wolf Alice made their way onstage. Immediately, they began their much-anticipated set with Don’t Delete The Kisses. Ellie Rowsell’s heavenly voice complimented the soft intricate noise being produced by the guitar, bass and drums. A few songs into the set, they played Yuk Foo, the first glimpse fans were given into Visions Of A Life. As the whirlwind of a song kicked off, the crowd was thrown about by moshpits. Yuk Foo, a song created from rage and fury, brought the entirety of the audience to life.

The set progressed, with hit after hit being played passionately by the band. Although only having been released a week prior to the show, Beautifully Unconventional was not unknown to the audience. The upbeat melody took over the crowd as many sang along to the hit-to-be. Up next was Blush. The soft quiet number brought the audience to a soft state as they were transfixed by Rowsell’s powerful yet graceful voice.

An eruption of guitars and bass bellowed through the small hall as Fluffy commenced. Having been an older song of Wolf Alice’s, the crowd sparked to life following the sudden eruption. Once Fluffy had come to an end, the sound of the opening chords to Moaning Lisa Smile filled the air. Instantly, the crowd was cast into an impetuous storm of moshpits and sweat. As there was barely any distance between the crowd and the band, you could feel every chord as they violently vibrated through the speakers. After the song had concluded, the band left the stage. Within a matter of seconds the audience demanded an encore.

Wolf Alice re-entered the stage. Closing the intimate set was Giant Peach. Energy buzzed between Wolf Alice and the crowd. The thrashing instruments provoked pits to  open up as the whole of The Forum went mental. Following the end of Giant Peach, a massive roar of applause started for Wolf Alice.

Having previously seen Wolf Alice 5 times, I know what to expect from their shows. But without a doubt, it was the most intimate, incredible and unimaginable gig I’ve experienced.

Words by Abi.

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