Birmingham boys The Clause are back with their third single ‘Sixteen’

Some of the hottest bands come out of Birmingham and become some of the biggest bands, from the likes of Swim Deep and JAWS who make the grooviest of tunes, it comes to my attention that a lot of bands aspire to make it big and with their selection of venues around the Midlands it’s easy to book something and to get a breakthrough. The Clause are four lads who have only created a couple of tracks previous to ‘Sixteen’ and they haven’t disappointed.

They recently had their first play of ‘Sixteen’ over at BBC Introducing (West Midlands).

Taking the influences from the likes of Catfish and The Bottlemen and Arctic Monkeys which has given them a massive following on social media sits such as Twitter and Facebook. Their Spotify following has shot up and so has their monthly listeners. That’s not the only good thing about them, not only do they have a wide following but they make energetic music that definitely doesn’t lack originality and character. ‘Sixteen’ is riddled with nostalgia and it is crammed packed of personal lyrics which tells stories of when they were actually, sixteen.

While you swoon over their energetic material, I begin to wonder how far these lads will go and that’s a very long way.

Take a listen to ‘Sixteen’ below,.

The lads are playing a show at the O2 Institute in Birmingham on the 1st of September. Here is a link if you want to watch them fulfil their dreams and..absolutely smashing.


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