Reverend and The Makers / The Death of A King

I was lucky enough to see the band perform at Livestock festival last year, where they were sublime. They are one of the very few bands that have the audience like putty in their hands. After hearing this album, I question what next? The album offers so much, I  just hope the band can extend on their UK tour and prove their worth.

The 12 track composition has the perfect mix of tracks making it a  distinctive 'Heavyweight Champion' alongside their other albums. 

The band have experimented with new sounds on this album, but fear not, the distinct 'Reverend' sound we all know (and love) is still prominent.

'The Death of A King' has it all - grungy riffs that will lead to mosh pits, as well as revealing a softer, purer side. If you want to air guitar in your room or cry to your mother, the album ticks all boxes.  

Half way through you're met with a jazzy uplifting twist putting you into an emotional rollercoaster before cutting to a beautiful string introduction that takes your breath away allowing you to  float into paradise. 

The masterpiece ends fittingly with a 9.02 minute track that is the best I have ever heard from the band. A song worthy of resurrecting the albums title in it's own right.

All in all, the album itself is a breath of fresh air. Giving them all of the attributes to become one of the bands best. It's clear to see that Jon McClure hasn't lost his touch, not that any of us ever doubted him.

A solid album, that leaves little to the imagination. Utterly sublime in parts and at worst good in others. A definite addition to any great album collection.


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Joshua Roberts

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